Ski boots or ski boots adjustment



We adapt and customize your sport shoe individually to your feet!
(Ski - Touring - Telemark - Snowboard-Shoes)


You need a new winter sports boot? You have problems with the fit of your ski boots?

We are happy to advise you on the purchase of a new ski or snowboard boot - we carry many of the best brands (for ski, soft and hard boots).

Do you already have a boot, but it doesn't fit properly or you want a better stance for optimized power transfer? Then we can help you with a customized sole or even a foamed liner. We laser measure your stance and boots to ensure the best and healthiest position. After that, we mold the ski boot shell according to your own foot shape. The liner also is fitted to your feet and legs to be the optimal layer between ski boot and your body. Paired with an individualized supporting insole we solve challenges for normal and also problem feet.

The goal is to achieve your satisfaction: The handcrafted fitting should increase or bring back your enjoyment of skiing. For some skiers, a foot changes in stress while skiing (or also due to weight gain or loss or aging) more than anticipated at rest. If the fitted boot does not fit 100% as a result, a rework could fix this problem. We will be happy to rework your shoe for a fee.

Please make appointments for all insole and ski boot work so that we have the necessary time for you! If you have your own skis, please bring them with you so that the bindings can be adjusted to your (new) ski boots.