DONI is your supplier for Intuition in Germany, Austria and Switzerland!

The lighter, warmer and yet "form-stable" alternative to the foamed liner.

Cold and aching feet should not be a part of winter sports. Too tight liners should not be the norm to guarantee good guidance in the ski boot. These were the basic ideas of DONI to start and then optimize ski boot fitting. Therefore, Doni being the Germany-Austria-Switzerland-representation of Intuition from Canada makes a lot of sense.

After all, 20 years ago, Intuition set itself as a mission to put an end to cold feet with pain points. Since then, they have been pioneers in producing warm, comfortable, yet high-performance liners for ski boots and snowboard boots. So there is an additional option for those who love their ski boot but hate their liner!

An option used by some of the best ski/snowboard athletes, ski instructors and tour guides. These professionals spend whole days in their equipment and therefore demand durability of the material, best fit, and comfort to enhance their own performance.


Apart from the fact that we use Intuition liners (= inner shoes) in our fitting work, at DONI we can professionally fit these "liners" into your already existing ski or snowboard boot or we can send you the liner to fit yourself (with a How-to guide, but without fit guarantee).

P.S.: We do not carry the whole portfolio of Intuition, but such liners for winter sports, which fit into the usual ski and snowboard boots here.

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